Understanding Medicaid

As if health insurance wasn’t confusing and complicated enough, medicaid insurance is an entirely separate animal. Medicaid works differently than most other forms of healthcare coverage. If you have Medicaid insurance, it’s important to understand precisely what is and isn’t covered.

So what is medicaid? And who qualifies for it? Well, that in itself is a complicated question. While there are some general guidelines about who qualifies for Medicaid, there are, of course, always exceptions to this rule.

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Because Medicaid is a form of state and federally-funded health insurance, there are specific restrictions on who can qualify for it. To find out if you fall into this category, you can contact your insurance professional. There are even insurance agents who specialize in medicaid planning.

This video details some of the basics of Medicaid coverage. Watching a video like this can give you a brief overview of what to expect from Medicad insurance. However, this isn’t the whole picture. Your individual situation will likely be different. So it’s important to consult a professional before moving forward.


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