How to Care For Yourself After Breast Augmentation Surgery

As you are probably aware, breast augmentation is a delicate procedure that will come with a period of recovery after the surgery is complete. To help you understand the factors determining your recovery time and what self-care measures you will need to take, the trusted breast augmentation surgeon behind the Barrett Plastic Surgery YouTube channel has put together this informative video. Be sure to watch for key self-care tips, and check out the info provided below to learn more.

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Self-Care After Breast Augmentation Surgery

  1. A bandage covering your incision designed to be held in place by your bra and clear tape will need to be changed and the area cleaned periodically.
  2. A specialized drain may be put in place right after the surgery to allow inflammatory fluid to exit the treated area. This may be with you for up to two weeks. You will be trained in its use and care.
  3. Pain relief medicine and antibiotics will be prescribed.
  4. Other accommodations will be provided depending on your medical history, needs, and expected activities.

Your breast augmentation surgeon will give you personalized tips in addition to those that follow. Take your doctor’s advice as primary care instructions, and take the general tips in the following section into advisement. Discuss your recovery plans with your doctor in full before following any aftercare plan.


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