Pets Are Family Members Too, and Now You Can Buy Pet Insurance

How to choose the right life insurance policy

To the usual categories of auto, home and life insurance, insurance companies are adding a new one, based on changing public preferences and needs. Many companies now offer pet insurance, that will pay medical costs for pets in case of sickness or injury. Pet insurance companies can help pet parents to ensue that they will be able to pay for any unexpected bills. Pet, life and automobile insurance are ways of ensuring that you will have the money available in case of an emergency.

Insurance is surprisingly affordable
Insurance is more affordable than you think. Most people overestimate the costs of life insurance and decide to forgo it, on the basis of a mistaken estimate. Millennials estimate the costs of life insurance to be 213% higher than it actually is, and Gen Xers assume it will be 119% higher than it really is.
All of this means that a large number of Americans don’t have life insurance. This figure could be as high as 65%. Getting insurance is as easy as requesting an online quote. You can even get a few quotes and choose the most favorable.

Pet insurance is becoming popular
Like many types of life insurance, pet insurance can be affordable. And it becomes a high priority for families with pets, all 79.7 million of them. The 2015-2016 National Pet Owners Survey, which is conducted by the American Pet Products Association (APPA), found that the majority of American households, or 65%, are also pet owners.
Pet insurance is an idea whose time has come, and many employers are recognizing this as well. A growing list of over 3,800 companies now offer pet insurance as part of heir benefits package. This includes leading businesses like Chipotle Mexican Grill, Deloitte LLP, Delta Airlines, Hewlett-Packard, Microsoft, T-Mobile, UPS, and Xerox.

How to choose the right pet insurance company
There are many different types of pet insurance offered by various companies. In choosing the right one, there are a few things to keep in mind. You may want to pick a pet insurance company that offers a comprehensive policy without any need for more add- ons.
Plans that cover exam fees ensure that you don’t have any unexpected costs to worry about. Typically insurance policies cover accident and illness. Monthly premiums are $22 per month and up for dogs and $16 a month for cats.

Finding the right pet insurance company can make all the difference to your peace of mind. Your pets are your family, and luckily insurance companies are beginning to recognize the fact.

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