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    What Are the Advantages of Bundling Your Home and Auto Insurance Policies?

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    If you’re not one of those people who comparison shop when renewing your insurance policies, maybe you should be. It’s always a good idea to look for better offers. Many insurance companies offer different types of insurance, such as home, auto, and even life insurance, in a single package. This allows the insurance company to offer discounted prices for a combined package, and makes the paperwork much easier.

    Doing your homework
    When it comes to buying insurance policies, there are two kinds of people. One type operates on autopilot and even autopay, setting up policies and paying the premiums to the insurance company year after year. The other kind, who make up about 44% of those who have insurance policies of one kind or another, always comparison shop before renewing their policies, according to the Consumer Insurance Survey for 2016.
    Whether it’s a home, auto, or life insurance policy, it’s always a good idea to see what the alternatives are,